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Rob Roy's artwork by car brand

The three books published by the Association(Bugatti, Grands Prix de L'ACF , 24 heures du Mans) present a large part of his work, and more is available on races like , Monaco, Spa, Bol d’Or, Mille Mille or Targa Florio…. where all famous names like ,Alfa Romeo, Autounion, Bugatti, Mercedes, Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar, Maserati,Talbot, Amilcar, Delage et Panhard are shown.
Rob Roy owned a BNC. He was present at a lot of competitions and this gave him the opportunity to live the ambiance of the races and to translate it in his work.

Through the « Diaporama » section one make a large tour of Rob Roy artwork by car name .

Some of Rob Roy's work painted after World War II is shown below:

BRM 1962   Porshe Formula 1
Matra in Zandvoort 71
Chris Amon driving
  Delahaye in Panamerican race
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