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Rob Roy and the race car drivers

Rob Roy used to attend competitions and became friendly with of a lot of race car drivers.He personally participated to the BOL D’OR 1936 with his BNC car.

Through the « Diaporama » section one can make a large tour of Rob Roy artwork by  pilote name  : Benoist, Chiron, Etancelin, Fangio, Giraud Cabantou, Moll, Sommer , Wimille

Rob Roy and Sirejol's BNC team   Self painting of Rob Roy in his BNC
Richard in Paris/Amsterdam race   Du Roy de Bligny SPA Grand Prix(1st in 2 liters category and 3rd overall) in july 1934.
Roger Loyer in his Cicitalia   Raymond Sommer winner of 1933 24 Heures du Mans
Rob Roy's drawings with Roger Labric's texts were published in "Moteur Course" magazine in 1952 on famous French champions :Robert Benoit, Jean Pierre Wimille, Raymond Sommer Yves Giraud-Cabantous, Louis Chiron, et Louis Rosier. See some excerpts below:
Sample of lRaymond Sommer story   Sample of Yves Giraud Cabantou story
Sample of Jean Piere Wimille story   Sample of Robert Besnoist story
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