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World War II memories

In 1939, World War II was declared and Rob Roy joined the 3rd Tank Battalion near Reims. In june 1940 he was made prisoner by the SS Panzers and sent to a camp in Krems Austria, from which he escaped in december 1940 and rejoined his familiy in march 1941. Rob Roy legacy of these dramatic and violent times, is a lively, colourful and detailed "war diary".

See some of these drawings below;a book project has been published( in french) more details on

May1940 Reims airport being bombed  

German tanks being attacked with petrol cans

Last shot before being made prisonner   June 16th1940 Rob Roy is made prisonner in St Didier
On Dijon road june 1940   Auxonne june 1940
Krems   June 1940
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