Association des Amis de Rob Roy

ROB ROY' association

“Les Amis de Rob Roy” is a non profit association created on June 15th 1994, under  the 1901 French law and registered on July 7th 1994. Its headquarters are located at: 243 boulevard Raspail, 75014 Paris ( France ).

The association purpose is to reveal and promote Rob Roy’s talent (1909-1992), painter and aquarellist, whose work illustrates the great adventure of motor car racing from its begining onwards.



Rob Rob’s body of artwork, from 1912 to 1970 focuses on car racing, and also includes his painful memories of the Second World War (1939-1945).

We present here a large inventory of his work. This presentation is intended to be full of life and passionate – as Rob Roy’s artworks are –  and we list the inventory that we have as well as works owned by people in France and elsewhere who have contacted us.


You will find all the information on the activities of the « Association des Amis de Rob Roy » : Present and past exhibitions, Fairs, Press (magazines, radio, video), Information regarding the work of the Association

Association des Amis de Rob Roy 243 Bld Raspail 75014 Paris. T:0143208710